RonIT gotowe rozwiązania informatyczne dopasowane bezpośrednio do Twoich potrzeb Czy wiesz że firma RonIT zajmuje się także tworzeniem sklepów oraz stron internetowych? Czy wiesz że firma RonIT pracuje nad stworzeniem własnego klienta OTS? RonIT - profesjonalne i rzetelne wsparcie w tworzeniu serwerów OTS.
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Ronit - Professional software solutions


In this topic I will try to briefly explain what is "RonIT Project", what it consists of and how it exactly works.

What do we do at RonIT?

RonIT provides comprehensive OT servers services. Our main tasks include:

  • Maintaining our private OT servers, such as RonOTS / Swordia / Poke Arena.
  • Developing our own tools for creating and maintaining OT servers such as: Map Converter (software that lets you convert maps for all available versions of Tibia), Client updater (program which automatically downloads game client updates dirrectly from the OT servers www site), IP Changer (program which changes IP and HOST to the one indicated by the player).
  • Developing of our own independent, alternative game client (more about it can be found in THIS topic).
  • Sharing the possibility of establishing your own private game servers for players from around the world.

How can you order a server?

RonIT project will be fully automated. You will just need to enter the website, sign up on it and select the server configuration type you're interested in (Engine: RonEngine / TFS, maximum number of players, map size, website appearance). Then you will be automatically redirrected to our payment systems. After regulating the fees the server will be activated within 2 minutes.

Server configuration possibilities:

  • Administration Panel
  • FTP access
  • Access Terminal

What is included in the RonIT package?

  • Hosting on a professional dedicated server
  • Access to the server via FTP
  • subdomain, eg:
  • RonEngine / TFS, ready for launch
  • Website (along with a ready to run system to receive payments)
  • Administration Panel
  • Access to learning materials
  • Access to our tech support (online)

Will the servers be able to generate money?

Yes. Apart from the fact that servers can be ordered for a typical fun gaming purposes there is also a possibility of opening a server that will work commercially and players will be able to pay small fees. Our professionally designed systems will deal for you with accepting payments from around the world. You must only ensure that players just want to play on your server. RonIT collects a commision in the form of 50% of any income.

Accepting payments from players will be done through three channels:

  • Dotpay: will be used to receive payments from the Polish players paying through SMS, online transfers, or by credit card.
  • Fortumo: will be used to receive payments from players from other European countries paying by SMS.
  • BoaCompra: will be used to receive payments from North and South America countries (mainly Brazil / Argentina / Chille).
  • PayPal: will be used to receive payments from all the world supporting most of credit cards.

Why us?

This is a very simple question. Since 2006 we've been dealing with OT server issues, we host some of the most occupied projects on the market and we know the needs of the players. Our systems have been completely tested in any possible way because we and our players are working on them constantly. Through recent years we have worked out a lot of innovative solutions that make our work easy. Now the time has come to share these solutions with you. We give you ready-made, technical solutions, and you create your own world and conquer the OTS market. I'm even willing to take a risk and say that there is absolutely no other company in the whole world offering such a wide range of possibilities and solutions regarding OTS.

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